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Give Yourself A Whack on the side of the head. (c)Roger von OechThe more often you do something in the same way, the more difficult it is to think about doing it in any other way. Break out of this "prison of familiarity" by disrupting your habitual thought patterns. Write a love poem in the middle of the night. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Wear red sox. Visit a junk yard. Work the weekend. Take the slow way home. Sleep on the other side of the bed. Such jolts to your routines will lead to new ideas. How can you whack your thinking? What would really disrupt the way you are currently thinking about your problem? How would each of the following situations change the way in which you think about your issue: not being able to talk for a week . . . breaking your leg . . . losing your job . . . the economy going into a deep recession . . . suddenly growing ten years older . . . suddenly becoming ten years younger . . . swallowing a pill that gave you three times as much energy . . . having to sleep fifteen hours a day . . . your being forced to spend a night in a scary graveyard . . . having your IQ increased by 50 points . . . having your IQ decreased by 50 points . . . having to crawl to work on your hands and knees . . . having a good friend from your past allege that you did evil things . . . suddenly becoming ten years old for a day . . . a vicious civil war in your country . . . heat waves in the winter and snowstorms in the summer.

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