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Change Viewpoints. (c)Roger von Oech Long ago, a curious plague struck a small village. When afflicted, its victims went into a deep almost deathlike coma, and most died within a day. The problem was that the villagers couldn't tell if a victim was dead or alive. After discovering that someone had been buried alive, an alarmed town council convened. The majority - hoping to save lives - voted to put food and water in every coffin. They realized it would be expensive but more than worth the cost if lives could be saved. Another group proposed a cheaper solution: implant a stake in every coffin lid directly over the victim's heart. When closed, all doubts about the victim's condition would vanish. What differentiated the solutions were the questions used to find them. Whereas the first group asked, "What if we bury somebody alive?" the second group asked, "How can we make sure everyone we bury is dead?" Remember the second assault on the same problem should come from a total different direction. How can you change your viewpoint? How would someone of the opposite sex approach your problem?

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