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Imagine How Others Would Do It. (c)Roger von Oech.What people do you respect for creative achievement? A leader in your field? A teacher? A parent? Now, imagine that one of these people is responsible for developing your concept. What would they do? How would they approach it? How would someone else change your idea? How would some of the following people approach your problem: A choir director? A trash collector? A mystic? A barber? A butcher? A rocket scientist? A brain surgeon? A nerd? A bounty hunter? A stuntman? A ventroloquist? A mime? An astronomer? A long distance runner? A pirate? A travel agent? A soldier? A witch? A used car salesman? A doctor? A gardener? A jazz drummer? A Buddhist monk? A nurse? A bartender? A shepherd? A policeman? A prostitute? A priest? A spy? A gourmet chef? A politician? A fisherman? A magician? A cheerleader? A coach? A professional gambler? A circus acrobat? A truck driver? A astronaut? A poet? A mother? A violinist? A philosopher? A nun? A taxi driver? A jailer? A prisoner? A choreographer? A cartoonist? A diplomat? A science fiction writer? A hermit? A union organizer? A lawyer? A garbage collector? A toll taker? A investigative reporter? An executioner?

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